Can I get Visa On Arrival


For the records, the Nigeria Ministry of Interior, through the immigration department, is saddled with the responsibility of approving visa on arrival application.

Nigeria is one of the countries that have adopted a visa on arrival system. This is aimed at ensuring that visa, should be the last reason for missing your business venture in Nigeria.

The system envisaged situations  were, visa processing time is a constraint, preventing traveller from embarking on his/her trip, into Nigeria. And to eliminate such disapointment, is the purpose of Visa on Arrival.

All airline operating into Nigeria are mandated to honor the approved document on presentation. The least the airline could do will be to contact the Nigeria immigration office at the airport through there office in Nigeria were the passenger will disembark. This will be to enable the airline, ascertain the veracity or genuineness  of the document.

Cost of Visa on arrival, varies with nationality. All payment will be done in advance to avoid any ambiguity.

The process is as follows

1. I will apply for the visa on arrival from the office of the controller general of immigration, Abuja Nigeria using my company documents as the host contact. A copy of the data page of the passengers passport will be included in the application.

2. Withing 48hrs, approval will comeback, showing eligibility of getting visa on arrival. i.e Approval

3. Copy of the approval will be forwarded to you/client and the airline for airlifting to Nigeria.

4. On arrival, our representative will be at the aircraft gate to identify and meet the pax. They then proceed to the immigration office for stamping of visa on pax  passport.

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